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Since 21st May 2000

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Tuesday 13th June 2000

04:21 GMT New Tutorial/Download available, programmed by Benjamin Goodrich. Very nice example on many features included screen access, joypad routines, scrolling, vertical blanks and much more, well worth downloading.

Saturday 3rd June 2000

08:06 GMT New tutorial available, Palette fade. Fades from any palette to any palette using correct distance based stepping. Uses 8:8 Fixed maths to work out the divider. This is the first version, Im currently working on a version that is about 3 times quicker by using new data structures.

Sunday 21st May 2000

19:24 GMT Added the first tutorial section - The Vertical Blank. A full break down on what this tutorial does is to follow, along with the C version. Any comments - please email.
Temporary fix for the forwarding from www.programmer-net.co.uk. This should all be sorted soon.

07:44 GMT Minor update to a few parts of the website, fixing some small hyperlink problems.

01:38 GMT The site has been updated to this new layout. If anyone has any comments on the layout, contents please email  Adrian Brown.
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